Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kotak - Masih Cinta


it's been a few months since i last blogging..
i hope i still have viewers and readers.. ^_^
lately it feels very hard to write an update for my blog..
FYI, i juz come back from 12days Volunteer works (PAID) in MWBC 2010
what's MWBC?? i'll talk about it more on my next post..
for diz post, i juz want to share a song by Indonesian Band - Kotak..
the title is Masih Cinta~
i've heard this song b4 going to MWBC, seems like just another ordinary song, but in MWBC, i have met an indonesian guy that knows all about the story behind this song.. he's actually the guy who wrote this song..

it's a song dedicated to his late wife that have pass away in an accident few years ago..
he told me that after that incident, he suddenly feel that he actually love her more than he ever know when she's still alive.. until now, he still love her with all his heart (masih cinta)

enjoy it~


Tik tik tik waktu berdetik
Tak mungkin bisa kuhentikan
Maumu jadi mauku
Pahit pun itu ku tersenyum

Kamu tak tahu rasanya hatiku
Saat berhadapan kamu

Tik tik tik air mataku
Biar terjatuh dalam hati
Mauku tak penting lagi
Biar kubuat bahagiamu

Kamu tak tahu rasanya hatiku
Saat berhadapan kamu
Kamu tak bisa bayangkan rasanya
Jadi diriku yang masih

Kamu tak tahu hancurnya hatiku
Saat berhadapan kamu
Kamu tak bisa bayangkan rasanya
Jadi diriku yang
masih cinta

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am 23!!! (time to go to work and earn my own money)

diz drink is called "HAPPY SODA", so be happy!!

first of all, i wanna tanx Allah for giving me this chance to be on another year of my humble life..
oh god, i am too old for diz~~ ^_^ (23 already)
auntie power rangers :P

wow!! i am 23 now.. evrytinx around me is changing so fast.. and i could not believe i already been in diz world for 23 years.. ^_~

lets start with diz year buf-DAY:

today's saturday.. sharply at 12 a.m., i got a call dat i have been waiting for so long.. a call from da exact same person at the exact same time 3 years ago.. its form Miss Nadic/Mawar. TANX ALOT!! ^o^ we spend an hour together watching How I Met Your Mother.. huhu~

da next morning (todays morning), i woke up at 10a.m. i woke up alone in my bros bedroom in 12th college UM.. i began to feel lonely and quite sad about diz year bufday.. many of my frenz not here in kL.. some of them is on holiday.. and some of them already finished their study.. gosh, i miss 'em..

so i took a bath, call my gF and ask her wat we wanna do today (lucky 4 me she's here).. so we plan to go to her dad's home to take some stuff.. then while waiting for her, i open my FB.. and guess what?? i am so excited to see many wishes from hundreds frenz.. TQ guyz/gurlz!! ^_^ actually diz bufday is da 1st bufday for me as a FB user.. (laugh if u want, its my bufday, i wont get angry ^_~)

then me n my gF went to Sunway Pyramid to meet her sisters, bro-in-law and his younger brother.. they want to buy some stuff i guess.. since i have notinx on my schedule today (eventhough its my bufday!!), so, going out with them is not a bad idea.. we spend few hours there.. but b4 we went home, they said they want to buy a cake.. exhausted by the few hours walk i guess, my brain was so dumb and couldnt even tell they want to buy it 4 me.. LOL! so they bought it and later i ask my gF and she told me dat she wanna have a lil' celebration of my bufday with her family.. huhu~ i coudnt hide my joy and smile like a clown~ =D
lovely children buyin OSIM for their beloved mama ^_^

a healthy OSIM model

unhealthy OSIM model :P

then we went to Ayam Penyet Ria (still in Sunway Pyramid) to eat some meals n dat cake.. i kept tinking in my brain at dat time, "wow! diz year is indeed special!! having bufday celebration with my gF family?? who wud have thought??" huhu.. and it went great.. i love it.. tanx dear.. ^_^ after dat, we juz went back and took some rest.. then i spend da nite watching IP-MAN 2 (great movie.. must watch!!) and 2 hours after dat, here i am writing sometinx for my blog after almost a month i left it without updating anytinx.. huu~ gomen2~

my bufday cake

strangers with my cake :P

horrible "tempe+tauhu" monster

family pic pleasseeeee~ :P

Enuf with my bud-DAY story, lets view my wishes for diz 23rd bufday ^_^:

1. I wish to pass Control Engineering subject (4 times already!!) and graduate from UM
2. I wish to have a good job as an engineer (plz x3 pray for me!!)
3. I wish to adapt to the working environment and excel at it
4. I wish to celebrate my convo day with my family and frens
5. I wish dat my gF will success in her study and graduate next year.. ^_^

i guess dat's all my wishes 4 diz time.. huhu~
OMG!! its almost 12!! got to post diz entry fast b4 my buf-DAY is no longer valid.. huhu..
chiooowww!!! ^_^

p/s: tanx again dear 4 evrytinx.. owh! and plz all, pray dat i will success in my study!! ^_~

Monday, April 19, 2010

Exam Week~

in dewan umarak, kk2, Um

its d exam week now.. hurmm~

studying isn't my tinx.. i hate to study.. i juz wish dat i cud past d exam with flying colors without studying..

my fren once told me dat studying actually d short term for STUDY = DYING~ =.=
i can feel it now.. aghhhh~

well, since diz time wud b my last examination as an engineering student, i really shud b doing some study to giv my best for da last time..

nahhhh~ dat's not happening.. i'm just not a study type of person..

why studying is not as fun and easy as flirting a girl?? damn~ books with no curve and soft skin.. i hate u!!

S - self
T - torturing
U - usually
D - done by

Y - youth

...................... ................. ............... .......... . . . .
safwan~ study plz

for urself
for her
for ur family

=.=! ughhhh~ i hate diz.. but...

i guess..

i juz have to study rite now..
T_T so un-motivated rite now..

Monday, April 12, 2010


ganbatte-nee~ safwan-kun!!

OMG!!! juz 1 week left!! =.=!

i juz cant believe diz.. i only got 1 more week before my final examination..
and what makes it more special, diz is my last-final exam!!
if i can score diz one, i'm sure will leave Univesity Malaya as a proud graduated student..
^_^ hoho~

but if i fail diz time, even juz one paper, my Bro wud kill me 4 sure!! T_T sob2~

thesis is almost done (Alhamdulillah~)

but stil, i'm to afraid to be relax now~
hurmmm.. Cik Nadic will not be around for a month during my examination period.. she'll be gone for Banting posting~ Dr.-to-be stuffs~ zzz~
anyway, gudlux to you to.. and please take care of yourself~

so i guess it will be juz me, against 5 papers!!
KILL 'EM ALL!! =.=! huh~

22nd April, 26th April (2 papers!! OWNING~), 30th April and 6th May..

In the name of Allah S.W.T., the Most Merciful and Most Gracious, i seek for Your guidance in this final battle of mine as a student.. give me the strength to face all this.. and give me and my frenz the victory we always dreamed of~

time to study!!!

p/s : all my frenz, including my blogger frenz, plz3!! pray for me k?? will slow down abit in blogging n nuff.. huhu~ ^_^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Dinner Nyte - Kolej Kediaman Tuanku Bahiyah, UM (pics only)

all diz pics have been edited using the Photoshop CS3 Plugins - Filter Forge 2 ^_^

dun wanna talk much.. *exam mode!!* juz have a look~

(the name of effect is at the bottom part of the pic)

normal picture - not editted~





old photo~

and my fav - LOMO! ^_^

THAT'S ALL!! TQ 4 viewing~ huhu~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clash of The Titans~ (comments & critics)

Yesterday, on the April Fool day, me n Miss Nadic went to Cineleisure Damansara or now known as E@Curve to watch a new released movie: Clash of The Titans

we arrive there at 8.15 p.m.. and guess what?? hundreds of people waiting 4 their turn to ger the tickets!!! damn~ =.= when i finally get myself to the counter, the 8.35 pm shows (2 halls) already sold out.. the 9.45 pm show only got 4 seats left but at the front row only! (i have tried it b4, very not gud 4 ur neck.. seriously~) and at 10.45 pm, 1 hall is full and only few seats left at the other hall.. but the free seats spot is quite okay so i just grab it..

well, i guess evryone cant wait to see how human can fight gods rite?? haha.. but u r WRONG!! he's not even a human.. he's a Demi-GOD!! :P

enuff with my story, lets talk about the movie.. ^_^
well, i'm not going to tell u evrytinx bout the whole story because some of u might find it offensive if i spoil ur suprise.. huhu~ but i will tell u guys bout some of the important and interesting part.. here they are :

Interesting Parts:

1. when Hades (God of the Underworld*hell*) appears for the 1st time.. he's so big and dark and u can feel the wicked feeling comin from him.. destroying The Mighty Legions of Argos in just 1 minute.. NICE!!

2. Zeus (God of Thunder a.k.a. Leader of all God) 1st appearance in Olympus (City of God).. he's wearing a superbly-shiny armor.. as the leader of all Gods~

3. fighting scene with Scorpioch (giant scorpion).. the leader of the Legions (Drago) is so awesome!! honestly, i like him more than Perseus a.k.a. Demi-God a.k.a Hero.. ^_^

4. the Djinn (desert wanderer - not human, not god) appearance.. with blue and shiny eyes, and with a wand of blue flame.. damn that tinx is kinda cool~ he cannot talk human language.. owh!! he did!! one word only - TO-GE-THER!!!! =) haha~

5. fighting scene with Medusa (the cursed maiden - a snake-woman).. to get the head of Medusa.. I feel like playing DOTA actually.. that Medusa also use Bow and Arrows and her gaze would turn anyone who look into her eyes into a stone~ (damn seriously da same in DOTA!! of couse Dota that copy from the story)

6. the rise of the Kraken (wicked, huge and evil creature a.k.a Son of Hades).. That tinx is so huge and ugly and strong that he could wipe the city of Argos in a few blows!! it come from the ocean and stand as tall as the mountain.. dang!!

Dissapointing Parts :

1. Drago and his Legion friends have fallen in a fight (cannot tell u when.. already spoil it 4u :P)

2. The kind and beauty princess is actually not important

3. Fighting scenes against Kraken and Hades is very, very, very dissapointing.. =(

4. Perseus actually have no God power, even he is actually a Demi-God.. only at the last scene when he fight with Hades..

well, that's all!! watch the movie to experienced it yourself~

i give 3.5 stars out of 5..
RM12 for the ticket (couple seat) - Worth it! ^_^

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Could Capture The Eyes of A Guy~

Responding to my last post : "How To Get A Girl In 7 Days", some of the readers have asked me to write about "How To Get A GUY In 7 Days"..

well, i really want to help.. but i couldnt give any tips on that because i never try to get any GUY in my entire life!! (and would never be!! =.=)

then i've been tinking,
hey, mayb i could help u gurls by sharing sometinx dat come from da brain of a GUY (me of coz!!)
so here are some of the tips 4 u gurls~ ^_^ hepi reading!!
((warning: below statements is from my own point of view.. they may be vary depending on the the Guy.. but i'll try to write it from my guy friends point of views too~ ^_^))

Capturing The Eyes of A Guy:

1. The first and most important is your face part.. different guy would have different "taste".. some of them like girl with Big Eyes, Sharp Nose, Skinny Cheek, Sexy Lips.. but dont be surprise dat some of them like girl with completely different kind of face..

But what most important is u must take a very good care of your face.. use Facial Wash, Scrubs, Whitening, or wateva they are to
make your face clean~.. Even if you have pretty face, but if your face is covered by pimples, black spots, scars, oil, trust me dat guy would like to stay away from you.. too bad~ =(

2. The 2nd most important is your body.. you dont need to have the boobs of Pamela Anderson or the ass like Beyonce to capture the eyes of a guy.. you just need to be in good shape!! not too skinny, not too fat..

DONT keep on skipping your meals.. you might end up being a 'walking skeleton' *Horror*.. and DONT eat too much or you might end up being an 'mama elephant'.. some exercises or evening jogs would be enough to have an adorable body shape..
((some guys like me dont prefer skinny girl even if she's pretty.. cannot imagine touching bones covered only with skin and no meat/fat at all!! euwwww~))

3. Be REAL!! i mean, just be yourself.. dont try to pretend to be someone else.. maybe a bit changes are good for you, but try not to be a joker in front of the guys because of your acting.. DONT be a 'Plastic'.. even if we guys known as carefree human being, but dont tinx we couldnt notice if u gurls are faking~ we can see it crystal clear sumtimes.. ^_^

4. Enough with Looks, now it's the Attitude part~.. guys like me really hate girl with loud voice and lose bones.. i dunno how to describe it in english, but in malay, we call it "GEDIK!!" ughhh~ doing dat only make guys hate you more.. even if a guy say he like you, trust me he want "sumtinx" from you.. and dat tinx is only temporary.. not for long..

Try to be an open-minded girl.. but always remember dat you are a GIRL.. you must know your limits.. be kind.. be gentle.. be soft but not Silent ~ (dont be too shy and silent.. you'll make it hard for us (guys) to approach you)

Some people like me, we like Malay Girl with Tudong and trendy-but-proper style of dressing.. some of my friends like free-hair Girl and abit sexy.. it depends on guys actually.. no actual code of dressing dat could attract all eyes~

5. Still with Attitude, DONT try to act cool by doing stupids and humiating stuffs.. Smoking, Drinking (alcohol), Trash-Talking.. DONT do them.. mayb they are OK with some type of guys.. but from wat i've known, most of Guys dont like girls with that kind of attitude..

I guess that's all that i can write right now.. any Suggestions or Comments please write it down in this post.. ^_^ enjoy your readings!!~ TQVM..

p/s: i've found a girl dat captured many eyes few years ago.. now she's mine.. haha :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How To Have A Girl In 7 Days (1st Lesson)

I'm so bored today.. and i dun have any new post for my blog..
suddenly, i remember what my fren used to told me~

"you must teach evry losers (male) how to have a girl in a short time"

My GOD, why i didnt tinx of it b4!!
its sometinx dat i must share with all guyz (damn, i feel so proud of myself :P)

((i'm actually have done it few years ago.. and i got 2 at a time.. yeah!!))

((for my gf, i spend few months~ she's special :P haha..))

so here is the 1st Lesson on my very own "How To Have A Girl In 7 Days" (listen carefully dude!! ^_^) :

Before you start :

1. Make sure you know your 'capability'.. i mean, look at the mirror.. ask yourself, what kind of girl that you tinx you able to have?? if you tinx u r gud luking, its okay, but if u dun hav wat people call "nice" face, STOP DREAMING to get the HOTTIES!!

2. Be sure that you can always find that girl you are looking for (not a person u bump once in a bus and never will meet her again).. it's very important for the upcoming moves.. (you can always try but the difficultiy level is EXTREMELY high) tips: know where she always been at specific time.. examples: at the library on Tuesday evening, watching Man.U. game at night, at college's cafe at midnight..

3. Make sure that the girl is single and not belong to some other guy.. (if you wish to lose your eyes at the end of the day, please try~).. DONT EVER try to take a girl that belong to someone else.. not only it is the WRONG tinx to do, it is also could humiliate yourself as a Guy..

At the flirting moment :

1. This part is the important part.. first, try to be close to her.. but not too close.. you dont want her to tinx you r some psycho stalking her! tips : if in a place with tables, find the opposite spot but skip one table.. make sure you can see her eyes and she can see yours..

2. Stare at her as much as you want.. show her that you are attracted to her.. but when she look at you, just keep on staring back for 2-3 secs, then look at other place.. then, keep on staring at her again.. and repeat the same steps.. it is better if your eyes meet her eyes for few secs without looking somewhere else.. (it's da sign!!)

3. Try to act cool.. laugh with your frens, do jokes with your frens.. (if she notice you while doing all dat, i bet she wud start to like you ^_^)

Ending the day :

1. When she's about to go, this is the time you make a move.. sometimes, if you are lucky enuff, she would come to you and give you her number.. but most of the time, you are da one who need to act. Stand up and go to her.. Start with a simple "Hi" and a smile..

2. Tell her that you are very sory to bother her, but you just cannot let the chance slip away.. tell her that you would like to know her.. tell her you wanna be a fren.. (DO NOT tell her you love her/like her!! its still early!!)

3. If she told you she dont want to be your fren, dont feel bad, there is still one last move.. Take out a pen and a piece of paper (ask the Mapley or the Student near u!!), write your phone number and giv it to her.. tell her that she can throw it away later if she dont want it.. then just say a simple "Bye" with one last smile..

4. Next tinx to do, is wait for her.. if in a week or 2 there's not a single word from her, juz give up and try some other gurl.. (man, there's alot of other girls out there waitin 4u ^_^)

That's all for the first lesson.. i shall continue diz when i'm free next time.. Any suggestions or even comments bout this post, just write it.. =)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

WOAHHHHH!!! are u guys ready for the best day on diz comin April??
Nahhhh~ it's, not April Fool Day, its the:

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!!

Align Center

here's the detail of location n time 4u to join diz event:
Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 10am till 5pm

Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

so wat r u waiting 4!!?? clear up ur day on 17th April and bring along ur frens + families!! ^_^
who knows dat u might b lucky enuf to win the lucky draws & various cool gadgets worth more than... .. .. . . . . . . (drumrolls)



there also will be exciting fun-fair game for YOU n ME!!
u might as well seeing me doing the

1) Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!)

2) Gladiator battles

and . . . . .

3) Other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair

want more information about the event?? just surf here and you'll hav it 4 sure!! =)

See Ya There!! ^_^

p/s : 1. i am not dat fat as in the sumo pic (LOL!!)
2. i'm using the Gatsby Pink Moving Rubber ^_^

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog Addicted~

HOLAAA!! ^_^

diz is my 6th post in diz month (MARCH)..
am i blog addicted?? nahhhh~
there r alot out there dat even have 2-3 posts per day.. IMPRESSIVE!!

well, i dunno.. since i use TrafficG, and also Nuffnang, i begin to take blogging as my 3rd gf.. (da 1st is my real gf, da 2nd is fB, LOL!!)

getting visitors, chitchatting, knowing ppl dat like ur page (eventho sumtime it's juz to bait u 2 their page), all of 'em is kinda cool actually 4 me..

i dun knw how long diz habit will last.. mayb 5 years, 1 years, 1 month or mayb next week i will quit blogging.. haha~ who knows~

but hell with it.. i dun giv a damn~ wats gonna happen later is not today's matter.. so i will juz keep on blogging, reading, watching, chitchatting, blogwalking, nuffwalking, nuff-clicking and many more!!

so please dun say dat i am addicted..
not ADDICTED actually..
it's, just PASSION..

TQ~ ^_^

Friday, March 12, 2010

Gudbye Job~ T_T sob2~

Sob2 T_T.. wat more can I say?? Mayb it’s my fate.. gosh, I hate it!!
How could diz happen to me?? . . . . . . .
Huwaaaaaaa!!! *sad*
A few days ago, after a week I’ve been jobhunting.. (refer to “Do u hav any job vacancy??”),
A guy called me with a formal English, sayin :

Guy: hi, can I speak to Mr. Khairi??
Me: yes, I am Khairi..can I help u??
Guy: owh, I’m from *****, did u apply a job in jobstreet at 8th march??
Me: ya! I did.. y??
Guy: before dat, can I ask u, u live in terengganu or kL??
Me: Terengganu..but I plan to work in kL after graduating..
Guy: owh, so u r still studying??
Me: yupp.. I will finish at the end of May diz year..i have stated my availability on my resume..
Guy: hurm.. I c... because we want to offer u a job as ********* engineer in kL.. but since u r still studying, I dun tinx we can hire u now.. let c, mayb u can try to call us later after u r graduating.. ok?? Thank you very much..
Me: owh.. ok.. u r welcome.. *sigh*
Me: . . . . . . . . (fu**in sh*t!!!!!)

Aaaaaaaaaa!!! I’ve missed a chance!! T_T sob2..
for a student like me (with low CGPA), diz might b an extremely rare opportunity..
I’m so sad dat I missed dat chance..
Hurmm.. but nevermind.. mayb it’s meant to be 4 sumone else.. not me.. but I’m stil sad!! Ughhh!!! I hope I can get a better job later.. plz.. plzz.. plzzz~


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bodybuilding Mission!!~

it's a bodybuilding fever noww!!!

gosh~ i'm not joking guyz.. juz now i juz hav some chat with my classmate regarding diz new-fast-spreading fever.. evryone now want a perfect body.. including my fren.. and of coz (dun b shock!), myself.. ^_^

one of my classmate is now seriously into the bodybuilding madness~ he spend his evening jogging around the lake at University Malaya and then go to the gym for an hour.. for his lunch, he only eats oats.. NO RICE for gud shape~ LOL!!
another friend of mine, is also trying his best to look gud while wearing short pants~ woohoo!! he's not so fat but he sure got some fat to burn before he can claim himself as the underwear model of the month.. ^_^ huhu~

as for me, i dont like to jogg.. i really hate it.. so i just choose to go to gym.. but not often.. because i'm quite lazy.. diet??? nahhhh~ i love to eat wat i wanna eat.. hurmm.. i definitely will not able to hav perfect body in this short time.. mayb later.. but trust me, u ppl would kill each other just to touch my body later.. :P hahaha~


lets do it..

to the gym!!!!! ^_^

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do U Hav Any Job Vacancy??~


honestly, i'm lukin 4 job now~ yupp, not joking of coz'.. i know i stil got few months here in diz 'beloved' university, but i've started lukin 4 job now.. i wish dat i cud get a job directly after i finish my final exam in mid of May 2010.. i wanna start having money of my own.. and most important, i wanna start giving money to my parents.. hehehehee~ ^_^!

my main TARGET ===> Oil 'n' Gas company.. *sigh*
T_T but my main prob is my CGPA lorrr~
i dun tinx mine is qualified for top O&G companies.. dat's y i'm very nervous rite now..
i try to surf for not-so-top O&G companies and i found some..
but most of them have 1 similar requirement dat i do not possess = "at least 1-2 years experience"
DAMN!! so where shud i go!!??

anyway, i tinx diz week they will held a Career Path Day in UM rite??
i'm really lukin 4ward for it!!
(if u guys knw any other place dat offer da Career Path event, do tell me k?? ^_^)

so here i am,
trying to updating my resume..
hopefully it will b gud enuf to help me in diz job hunting~

Aminn~ ^_^~

Friday, March 5, 2010

Get Traffic To Your Site~

gosh~ i've only tried diz for 2days including today and it really did help me increase my traffic.. (not much coz i'm abit lazy :P hehe~)

all u have to do is sign up at TrafficG (click here), then do abit surfing and you will definately have visitors at ur site.. :D

for those who abit worry bout this site (whether this is a scam or not), let me explain how diz system works.

TrafficG will need u to surf using their site (direct u to other ppl site/blogspot) in order for u to have enuf credit (u need credit to attract visitor to ur page). So basically, u and evryone dat is using TrafficG will visit each other's site/blogspot. ITS DAT SIMPLE =)

dats all.. try IT!! and gudlux!!~ ^_^

p/s: if u dun understand how to get the credit, i suggest u go to my Mentor's Blogspot (click here).. he have better explaination on how to get the credit.. ^_^!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Test, Test, and Test!! =.=~


tomorow evening i got test.. it will cover lecture 1 till 5.. lecture i have covered = NONE!

friday morning i got another test.. it will cover until SFG.. % that i have covered = 50%!!

friday evening i got another freakin test.. it will cover lecture 1 till 9.. lecture i have covered = NONE OSO!!


hurmm.. pening laa ngan test2 nih~
busan pon ade..
asik test jer manjang..
adeh laa.. nk rest pon xsempat nih..
thesis lagik asik tertangguh2 jer..
huwaaa!!! cano eden nk nanggong nih??

Oh my Lord, gimme the strength to face all diz~ for only u, the only One that i can seek for help~


Monday, February 8, 2010

KKK 7 : not as usual~

kan aku da ckp grup aku rmai indian~ :D

yeah!! akhirnyer aku dpt rest dlm bilik (single room.. ehem2 ^_^) aku nih dgn kipas yg terpasang tanpa henti.. huahuahuahua~

last friday evening, aku, n hasry ke Pusat Kokurikulum Melaka di Lanchang utk program KKK7.. diz is my first time join KKK nih sbnarnyer.. aku join pon atas beberape sbb n atas rase nk abiskan sisa2 khidupan kat UM nih.. huhu~

On Da Way ke Lanchang~
punyer laa ssah nk carik jalan nk pi kem tuh.. giler ar.. da ler waktu tuh lbih kurg maghrib.. kiteorg plak da sampai ceruk mane ntah.. aku call Ann Warad tanye tempat.. die bg instruction.. hurmm.. mcm snang.. tapi giler ssah!! Ann cakap sampai kubor india pastu belok kiri.. tapi yg kiteorg jumpe kubor melayu!! damn!! cuak2 gak mase tuh.. sib baik lpas pusing2 jumpe gak laa.. adehh~

1st Day~
aku satu grup ngan Hani 1st year tuh.. b4 masok grup, hani gtau, bdak2 nih payah btol.. degil.. hurmm.. sedegil mane derang nih?? aku rilex jer.. bajet power ar.. LOL~ skali masok grup.. btol daaa~ dem!! =.= pastu mlm 1st day nih gak kiteorg fasi2 dah dapat penangan abg Jin kite yg denda kiteorg pumping.. sib baik gak aku men ngelat.. tahan lutut.. :D yeah!!

2nd Day~
baru dpt knal adek2 lagi dkat.. grup aku mmg tuff sket sbb rmai indian.. skali derang ckp indian, mampos aku nk phm.. da larang pon wat lagi.. adehh laa.. tapi xper.. steady.. huhu.. haziq ktua grup aku.. die nih pandai.. leh jwap soklan2.. tapi a bit kurg ajar.. org mlake kate kuang ajau!! ^_^ tapi kire die n boss grup indian kat kem nih (siva) laa yg wat grup aku xbusan and bergerak.. huhu.. -ve but also +ve.. huu~ but malamnye, kejadian paling best spanjang aku jadik fasi terjadi.. jeng jeng jeng!!!!

  • abg jin mendenda fasi2 sume sbb ksalahan ape ntah.. aku lupe.. huu~ tapi bdak2 skolah tuh sume xpuas ati.. dieorg nk dieorg di denda ganti fasi2 sume.. konon2 syg ar tuh.. cehh~ pastu Jin denda fasi2 + bdak2 tuh skali.. amek kau!! mase sume ngah pumping, Jin blah.. (biase ler camtu) pastu bile bdak2 tgk die xdak, dieorg ngamok gile b*bi and ramai2 nk carik si Jin nih.. keadaan mase tuh kalau bley rakam giler riuh ar.. sib baik gak kiteorg fasi2 laki sempat tahan.. Alan (ktua fasi) naik atas krusi, Pendi jerit, aku pon jerit tau!! perghhh~ mnarik2.. huhu..

mase post mortem, Hilal kate die sgt terkejot tgk org setenang aku, faiz n hasry marah.. wuwuu~ aku ngaku aku mmg jarang sgt marah org.. tapi tgk keadaan ar.. aku rase mlm tuh aku mmg tepakse mara n jerit.. sbb keadaan hampir xdpt dikawal mase tuh.. bhaye.. huu~

3rd Day~
harini hari last.. rmai gak yg risau Jin a.k.a Jup akan kne blasah ngan bdak2.. tapi aku, Pendi, Faiz percaye bdak2 tuh xkan braninyer blasah.. bdk2 PMR.. 15taun bru umornyer.. Jin ttp tunjok muke hari nih.. pagi2 lagi da ade.. tapi bdak2 tuh yg smlmnyer brani nk mampos, harini mcm tikus jer lalu dpan Jin.. tundok jer.. lawak tol bdak2 tuh.. huhu.. pastu evrytinx bjalan lancar, ade ar sket2 mcm xsmooth, but stil Ok for me.. huu~ adek2 balik ngan prasaan gembira, and Jin pon da reveal diri die sbnar and bdak2 tuh da xmara kat die.. kot.. huhu.. pastu kiteorg post mortem fasi b4 balik.. sume OK kcuali mase last2 minute post mortem tuh, sumtinx xbest jadik.. sume fasi tmasok aku bengang ngan ape yg jadik tuh.. haihhh~ payah kalau org xpnah nk paham btape ssah nk jadik fasi nih.. xperlaa.. lupekan.. huhu~

kesimpulannyer, program KKK nih bagi aku pengajaran baru walapon aku da taun ke-4 jadik fasi nih.. mcm2 ragam manusia kat bumi nih.. huhu.. aku harap fasi2 junior akan troskan perjuangan fasi 2nd kolej.. troskan and troskan lagi.. korg mmg hebat!! ^_^ once a fasi, always a fasi~

p/s: aku dpt 2 jer surat adek2.. berbeza giler ngan KKAA dlu.. dem!! mayb nih ptanda aku kne bersara dari fasi nih.. huhu~ bye!!^_^

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cinta ini membunuhku~

CINTA antara manusia mampu membahagiakan..
..mampu mengukirkan senyuman di bibir
..mampu menenangkan fikiran yg bercelaru
..mampu menggembirakan

Tapi CINTA jugak mampu menyiksakan..
..mampu mengalirkan air mata di pipi
..mampu menggilakan fikiran
..mampu menghancurkan hati
"kau hancurkan aku dengan sikap mu, x sadarkah kau telah menyakitiku..??"

andai kau hancurkan hatiku dengan sikapmu,
parlukah aku mengorbankan cinta ini dan khianati perjanjian antara kita??

kalau ku biarkan, adakah dirimu yang bersalah??
kalau ku korbankan cinta ini adakah diriku pula yg bersalah??

carilah jalan penyelesaian..
janganlah kau hancurkan hatiku lagi dan aku tidak akan khianati cinta kita..

mudah.. ringkas..
tapi x selalunya dapat dilaksanakan..


apa pun yang terjadi,
doakanlah pada Yang Maha Kuasa..
moga dengan rahmatnya, diriku, dirimu, bersatu dan bahagia kembali..

p/s : bukan mengenai diriku..

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