Monday, April 12, 2010


ganbatte-nee~ safwan-kun!!

OMG!!! juz 1 week left!! =.=!

i juz cant believe diz.. i only got 1 more week before my final examination..
and what makes it more special, diz is my last-final exam!!
if i can score diz one, i'm sure will leave Univesity Malaya as a proud graduated student..
^_^ hoho~

but if i fail diz time, even juz one paper, my Bro wud kill me 4 sure!! T_T sob2~

thesis is almost done (Alhamdulillah~)

but stil, i'm to afraid to be relax now~
hurmmm.. Cik Nadic will not be around for a month during my examination period.. she'll be gone for Banting posting~ Dr.-to-be stuffs~ zzz~
anyway, gudlux to you to.. and please take care of yourself~

so i guess it will be juz me, against 5 papers!!
KILL 'EM ALL!! =.=! huh~

22nd April, 26th April (2 papers!! OWNING~), 30th April and 6th May..

In the name of Allah S.W.T., the Most Merciful and Most Gracious, i seek for Your guidance in this final battle of mine as a student.. give me the strength to face all this.. and give me and my frenz the victory we always dreamed of~

time to study!!!

p/s : all my frenz, including my blogger frenz, plz3!! pray for me k?? will slow down abit in blogging n nuff.. huhu~ ^_^


  1. amenn~~
    gudluck sapuan..
    aku ada 2 paper jer..jgn jeles~~~

  2. amin,..
    gud luck gak..
    makin bertambah ye f0ll0wer k0...=p

  3. huhu~ cm kenal je ci puteh tuh.. ^_^

  4. haha~ tQ all~
    i will try my best for diz exam.. ^_^
    gud luck 2 u guyz 2~

    p/s : si puteh tuh sy laa ^_^
    owh, gagal is not my style, bro~ :P

  5. budak engine eyh..
    salam ziarah dr bdk ekonomi :P

    good luck utk kamu,
    dan doakan utk sy gak

    nk promote ni, my college ade buat XPDC (10-13mei) nk g tak? gi ulu muda gubir, kedah

    if mcm interested email

    ALL THE BEST -UM is 1-

  6. all da best. btw, lawo gamba :)


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