Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clash of The Titans~ (comments & critics)

Yesterday, on the April Fool day, me n Miss Nadic went to Cineleisure Damansara or now known as E@Curve to watch a new released movie: Clash of The Titans

we arrive there at 8.15 p.m.. and guess what?? hundreds of people waiting 4 their turn to ger the tickets!!! damn~ =.= when i finally get myself to the counter, the 8.35 pm shows (2 halls) already sold out.. the 9.45 pm show only got 4 seats left but at the front row only! (i have tried it b4, very not gud 4 ur neck.. seriously~) and at 10.45 pm, 1 hall is full and only few seats left at the other hall.. but the free seats spot is quite okay so i just grab it..

well, i guess evryone cant wait to see how human can fight gods rite?? haha.. but u r WRONG!! he's not even a human.. he's a Demi-GOD!! :P

enuff with my story, lets talk about the movie.. ^_^
well, i'm not going to tell u evrytinx bout the whole story because some of u might find it offensive if i spoil ur suprise.. huhu~ but i will tell u guys bout some of the important and interesting part.. here they are :

Interesting Parts:

1. when Hades (God of the Underworld*hell*) appears for the 1st time.. he's so big and dark and u can feel the wicked feeling comin from him.. destroying The Mighty Legions of Argos in just 1 minute.. NICE!!

2. Zeus (God of Thunder a.k.a. Leader of all God) 1st appearance in Olympus (City of God).. he's wearing a superbly-shiny armor.. as the leader of all Gods~

3. fighting scene with Scorpioch (giant scorpion).. the leader of the Legions (Drago) is so awesome!! honestly, i like him more than Perseus a.k.a. Demi-God a.k.a Hero.. ^_^

4. the Djinn (desert wanderer - not human, not god) appearance.. with blue and shiny eyes, and with a wand of blue flame.. damn that tinx is kinda cool~ he cannot talk human language.. owh!! he did!! one word only - TO-GE-THER!!!! =) haha~

5. fighting scene with Medusa (the cursed maiden - a snake-woman).. to get the head of Medusa.. I feel like playing DOTA actually.. that Medusa also use Bow and Arrows and her gaze would turn anyone who look into her eyes into a stone~ (damn seriously da same in DOTA!! of couse Dota that copy from the story)

6. the rise of the Kraken (wicked, huge and evil creature a.k.a Son of Hades).. That tinx is so huge and ugly and strong that he could wipe the city of Argos in a few blows!! it come from the ocean and stand as tall as the mountain.. dang!!

Dissapointing Parts :

1. Drago and his Legion friends have fallen in a fight (cannot tell u when.. already spoil it 4u :P)

2. The kind and beauty princess is actually not important

3. Fighting scenes against Kraken and Hades is very, very, very dissapointing.. =(

4. Perseus actually have no God power, even he is actually a Demi-God.. only at the last scene when he fight with Hades..

well, that's all!! watch the movie to experienced it yourself~

i give 3.5 stars out of 5..
RM12 for the ticket (couple seat) - Worth it! ^_^


  1. adeh. nasib baik x g lagi. download je la camni. hehehe

  2. haha.. aippp!! dL is against the Rules and Regulations of Copyright.. :P

    gi laa tgk.. quite ok ape?? ^_^

  3. uhuk~ ok.. but jgn tgk 3D.. not worth friend said.. tgk biasa jek bcause the effect on 3D tak best sgt pun.. =)

  4. agree ngan cantikitukamu... subtitle chinese tu lak lebih2 3D... huhuhu...

    citer ni remake aja... kalau tgk movie asal lagi best walaupun effects dia sgt teruk by today's standard...

  5. frankly speaking.
    it was not as i expected!

    i give a 6.5 out of 10

    p/s: waiting for avatar: the last airbender

  6. haha.. yerla2.. aku pon rase xderla best sgt pon.. cume tertarik ngan jalan citer manusia lawan GOD ^_^

  7. Emoooooooooooooooo


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