Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog Addicted~

HOLAAA!! ^_^

diz is my 6th post in diz month (MARCH)..
am i blog addicted?? nahhhh~
there r alot out there dat even have 2-3 posts per day.. IMPRESSIVE!!

well, i dunno.. since i use TrafficG, and also Nuffnang, i begin to take blogging as my 3rd gf.. (da 1st is my real gf, da 2nd is fB, LOL!!)

getting visitors, chitchatting, knowing ppl dat like ur page (eventho sumtime it's juz to bait u 2 their page), all of 'em is kinda cool actually 4 me..

i dun knw how long diz habit will last.. mayb 5 years, 1 years, 1 month or mayb next week i will quit blogging.. haha~ who knows~

but hell with it.. i dun giv a damn~ wats gonna happen later is not today's matter.. so i will juz keep on blogging, reading, watching, chitchatting, blogwalking, nuffwalking, nuff-clicking and many more!!

so please dun say dat i am addicted..
not ADDICTED actually..
it's, just PASSION..

TQ~ ^_^


  1. Haha... 6th post? I just posted my 12th post of the month.. So I doubled your addiction? Ops, I mean passion.

  2. Passion!~time management is important so keep it up dude!

  3. supia - ur case mayb da rite word is ADDICTED!! :P huhu~ wateva it is, its nice!! ^_^

    kenzo - tQ bro~ hopefully i can manage my time well.. (i'm sux at time management.. haha)

  4. owh.. how dare u have so many gf..ahaha~
    hye..dont forget to study.. remember..ur final yr student eyh...huu~

  5. 3 gf? if you're married to all of them then you'll have 3 wives. so you only have 1 slot left. hahahahha

    Being addicted to blogging should be fine, since the only side effects are lack of sleep and more time spending in front of your laptop/pc. :)

  6. honey - haha.. yg lain tuh gF fantasy.. u jer gF btoi.. :P haha~

    khairul - tanx ya!! i oso tot dat way.. haha.. notinx wrong with bloggin~


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