Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Could Capture The Eyes of A Guy~

Responding to my last post : "How To Get A Girl In 7 Days", some of the readers have asked me to write about "How To Get A GUY In 7 Days"..

well, i really want to help.. but i couldnt give any tips on that because i never try to get any GUY in my entire life!! (and would never be!! =.=)

then i've been tinking,
hey, mayb i could help u gurls by sharing sometinx dat come from da brain of a GUY (me of coz!!)
so here are some of the tips 4 u gurls~ ^_^ hepi reading!!
((warning: below statements is from my own point of view.. they may be vary depending on the the Guy.. but i'll try to write it from my guy friends point of views too~ ^_^))

Capturing The Eyes of A Guy:

1. The first and most important is your face part.. different guy would have different "taste".. some of them like girl with Big Eyes, Sharp Nose, Skinny Cheek, Sexy Lips.. but dont be surprise dat some of them like girl with completely different kind of face..

But what most important is u must take a very good care of your face.. use Facial Wash, Scrubs, Whitening, or wateva they are to
make your face clean~.. Even if you have pretty face, but if your face is covered by pimples, black spots, scars, oil, trust me dat guy would like to stay away from you.. too bad~ =(

2. The 2nd most important is your body.. you dont need to have the boobs of Pamela Anderson or the ass like Beyonce to capture the eyes of a guy.. you just need to be in good shape!! not too skinny, not too fat..

DONT keep on skipping your meals.. you might end up being a 'walking skeleton' *Horror*.. and DONT eat too much or you might end up being an 'mama elephant'.. some exercises or evening jogs would be enough to have an adorable body shape..
((some guys like me dont prefer skinny girl even if she's pretty.. cannot imagine touching bones covered only with skin and no meat/fat at all!! euwwww~))

3. Be REAL!! i mean, just be yourself.. dont try to pretend to be someone else.. maybe a bit changes are good for you, but try not to be a joker in front of the guys because of your acting.. DONT be a 'Plastic'.. even if we guys known as carefree human being, but dont tinx we couldnt notice if u gurls are faking~ we can see it crystal clear sumtimes.. ^_^

4. Enough with Looks, now it's the Attitude part~.. guys like me really hate girl with loud voice and lose bones.. i dunno how to describe it in english, but in malay, we call it "GEDIK!!" ughhh~ doing dat only make guys hate you more.. even if a guy say he like you, trust me he want "sumtinx" from you.. and dat tinx is only temporary.. not for long..

Try to be an open-minded girl.. but always remember dat you are a GIRL.. you must know your limits.. be kind.. be gentle.. be soft but not Silent ~ (dont be too shy and silent.. you'll make it hard for us (guys) to approach you)

Some people like me, we like Malay Girl with Tudong and trendy-but-proper style of dressing.. some of my friends like free-hair Girl and abit sexy.. it depends on guys actually.. no actual code of dressing dat could attract all eyes~

5. Still with Attitude, DONT try to act cool by doing stupids and humiating stuffs.. Smoking, Drinking (alcohol), Trash-Talking.. DONT do them.. mayb they are OK with some type of guys.. but from wat i've known, most of Guys dont like girls with that kind of attitude..

I guess that's all that i can write right now.. any Suggestions or Comments please write it down in this post.. ^_^ enjoy your readings!!~ TQVM..

p/s: i've found a girl dat captured many eyes few years ago.. now she's mine.. haha :P


  1. haha.. nice list.. kinda true.. =D

  2. Aww, this is a nice one! And it's weird yang banyak perempuan Melayu sekarang suke clubbing2, lepak malam2 kat tepi jalan. Memang la orang laki nak perempuan yg pandai enjoy, tapi kalau nak kawen nanti, sape yg nak ngan perempuan cam tu? Hehe. This is only an opinion. Don't get mad or something -_-

  3. coolness!
    different guys attract to different type of girls...

    p/s:next time buat entry pasal macam mana nak naik kan berat badan....>____<

  4. amboi2 the 1st two points are obviously about physical parts kan. see, guys mmg mementingkan kecantikan luaran. this is not good u know. kecantikan dalaman itu lebih penting. cewahhh~

  5. there u are..
    ok, i dont wanna be stereotype, but most of the guys look more on d outer beauty rather than inner.. hr tu my friend tulis kt fb ada srg mamat ni very choosy, memilih nk lawa2 cam megan fox.. hahaha, absurd! diorg lawa sbb plastic surgery, so, pilihlah inner beauty.. =P

    p/s: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. =)

  6. kenwooi - haha.. its true if dat guy have same taste as me ^_^

    nazihah - huhu.. xde sape nk mara pon kat cni.. yupz.. for myself n most of my frens, awek clubbing sgt2 xmau dijadikan bini :P huhu~

    nyza - ok2.. lenkali aku bg tips nk naikkan brat bdan.. aku pon tgh gemok nih.. haha~

  7. dely - nk wat cane dely.. dat is da truth to most of us (guys).. kiteorg tgk rupe dlu pastu baru attitude n hati.. but klau ade rupe tp prangai macam setan, mmg harapan lerr nk amek jadik bini~

    asrul - tanx mr.asrul! ^_^

    adz-razali - haha.. kne pilih inner ke?? huhu.. mmg tuh spatotnyer.. tapi slalu laki mmg tgk rupa dlu.. kan?? :D

  8. great list, although i believe that you will be scratched by girls for your second point. :D

  9. ahakz2...
    cepat2 buat entry tu...
    aku nak tambah berat badan..
    dah bertahun cuba, xdapat2...

  10. ugu..niza..jgn la gemuk2.. nnt susah nk turun.. =)ugu~ nnt pas kawen dah anak byk..naik la kot..huhu~

    owh.. cukup syarat ke saya en.khairi? erk.. tak kisah la..nobody perfect kan..

    nway laki2 yg sibuk nak awek2 cun la.. kamu ensem ke??ahaha~ jgn tersedak plaks.. amek cermin dlu.. huhu

  11. nadic: nak tggu ada anal lmbt lagi la jwb nye... berat xpernah lebih 42kg...

  12. nadiccccc hahahaha i like ur question. sgt betol! kalo nak sgt awek cun, diorg pon knela ensem kan. br spadan. kalo x, mntk maap jelaaa~ haha.. :P

  13. teh tarik drinker - haha.. girls wud be glad if i say they have perfect body.. :P

    nyza - cian ko.. haha.. nant aku try buat care2 nk tmbah brat badan k?? mcm sng jer.. ahha ^_^

    honey n dely - alaa.. laki kalau x ensem pon, stakat nk tgk ppn lawa xkan xleh.. klau nk ngorat tuh baru r beragak2 sket.. huhu.. ape korg xsuke laki rmai2 pndang korg sbb korg cun?? (kalau korg cun ar :P)

    jari - shhh.. i like em too!! ^_^

  14. ces2 ko...
    cepat2 buat...
    kalau aku dapat tambah berat badan sebab entry ko tu, kira ko jadi tyco aku la...

  15. haha .. nice one but the most one I like the p/s one .. :)

  16. weii ak knal la pic girl yg tiup belon tu hehe. kwn ak tu ;)


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