Friday, March 5, 2010

Get Traffic To Your Site~

gosh~ i've only tried diz for 2days including today and it really did help me increase my traffic.. (not much coz i'm abit lazy :P hehe~)

all u have to do is sign up at TrafficG (click here), then do abit surfing and you will definately have visitors at ur site.. :D

for those who abit worry bout this site (whether this is a scam or not), let me explain how diz system works.

TrafficG will need u to surf using their site (direct u to other ppl site/blogspot) in order for u to have enuf credit (u need credit to attract visitor to ur page). So basically, u and evryone dat is using TrafficG will visit each other's site/blogspot. ITS DAT SIMPLE =)

dats all.. try IT!! and gudlux!!~ ^_^

p/s: if u dun understand how to get the credit, i suggest u go to my Mentor's Blogspot (click here).. he have better explaination on how to get the credit.. ^_^!


  1. hehe, aku dah dpt ~100 hits semalam = p good luck! bile ade nuff ads nanti aku click smpi lebam ;)

  2. LOL, mentor ku tlg aku memahami~ haha..

    click bnyk2 kat page aku.. haha.. weyh, aku da post ptg tadi lagi kat innit tuh.. # utk nang tuh 4 wat??

  3. +nang tu klo fames td muncul r kat top nanged. tu je. lg rmai r nk tgk. huhu

  4. laaa.. yeker.. cehh.. itu jer.. klau dpt 10+ xper ar.. haha.. :P xper2.. ade gak org masok.. haha~

  5. eh...camne aku smapai kat cni ni? bontot. is that u?

  6. OMG!! adekah kamu adelah seorg shabat yg telah lame hilang??

    haha.. it is me!! LOL!!

    mu ade mane lening natanngggg~


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