Friday, March 12, 2010

Gudbye Job~ T_T sob2~

Sob2 T_T.. wat more can I say?? Mayb it’s my fate.. gosh, I hate it!!
How could diz happen to me?? . . . . . . .
Huwaaaaaaa!!! *sad*
A few days ago, after a week I’ve been jobhunting.. (refer to “Do u hav any job vacancy??”),
A guy called me with a formal English, sayin :

Guy: hi, can I speak to Mr. Khairi??
Me: yes, I am Khairi..can I help u??
Guy: owh, I’m from *****, did u apply a job in jobstreet at 8th march??
Me: ya! I did.. y??
Guy: before dat, can I ask u, u live in terengganu or kL??
Me: Terengganu..but I plan to work in kL after graduating..
Guy: owh, so u r still studying??
Me: yupp.. I will finish at the end of May diz year..i have stated my availability on my resume..
Guy: hurm.. I c... because we want to offer u a job as ********* engineer in kL.. but since u r still studying, I dun tinx we can hire u now.. let c, mayb u can try to call us later after u r graduating.. ok?? Thank you very much..
Me: owh.. ok.. u r welcome.. *sigh*
Me: . . . . . . . . (fu**in sh*t!!!!!)

Aaaaaaaaaa!!! I’ve missed a chance!! T_T sob2..
for a student like me (with low CGPA), diz might b an extremely rare opportunity..
I’m so sad dat I missed dat chance..
Hurmm.. but nevermind.. mayb it’s meant to be 4 sumone else.. not me.. but I’m stil sad!! Ughhh!!! I hope I can get a better job later.. plz.. plzz.. plzzz~




  2. aww....its ok...ur still studying......lots of chances waiting for u :-)

  3. haha.. i hope so.. i wanna hav my own money.. haha~

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  5. huhu~ sbr ye kamu..ala.. nnt dah abeh sem keja la.. dier tepon nak bg kamu semangat supaya blaja rajin2.. keja cpt sket.. ahaha~

  6. muncit - huhu.. itu laa.. harap2 btol ar gitu~

    honeyh - haha.. yer2.. sy blajaq yer?? wuu~

    lily - tanx ya!! ^_^


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