Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Test, Test, and Test!! =.=~


tomorow evening i got test.. it will cover lecture 1 till 5.. lecture i have covered = NONE!

friday morning i got another test.. it will cover until SFG.. % that i have covered = 50%!!

friday evening i got another freakin test.. it will cover lecture 1 till 9.. lecture i have covered = NONE OSO!!


hurmm.. pening laa ngan test2 nih~
busan pon ade..
asik test jer manjang..
adeh laa.. nk rest pon xsempat nih..
thesis lagik asik tertangguh2 jer..
huwaaa!!! cano eden nk nanggong nih??

Oh my Lord, gimme the strength to face all diz~ for only u, the only One that i can seek for help~



  1. sng je, p mintak tips ngn mangge, hehe~

  2. huhu.. tQ2~
    ko pon gudlux gak ngan . . . :P

    wan, aku xmo mintak tlg mango.. nant aku same mcm die :P haha~

  3. haha.. tQ2~

    ^_^ aku mmg perlukan setiap doa dari korg pon.. huhu~

  4. haha.. tQ2~

    weyh.. aku promote trafficG..
    tp aku link kan gi blog ko.. haha~ :P


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