Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How To Have A Girl In 7 Days (1st Lesson)

I'm so bored today.. and i dun have any new post for my blog..
suddenly, i remember what my fren used to told me~

"you must teach evry losers (male) how to have a girl in a short time"

My GOD, why i didnt tinx of it b4!!
its sometinx dat i must share with all guyz (damn, i feel so proud of myself :P)

((i'm actually have done it few years ago.. and i got 2 at a time.. yeah!!))

((for my gf, i spend few months~ she's special :P haha..))

so here is the 1st Lesson on my very own "How To Have A Girl In 7 Days" (listen carefully dude!! ^_^) :

Before you start :

1. Make sure you know your 'capability'.. i mean, look at the mirror.. ask yourself, what kind of girl that you tinx you able to have?? if you tinx u r gud luking, its okay, but if u dun hav wat people call "nice" face, STOP DREAMING to get the HOTTIES!!

2. Be sure that you can always find that girl you are looking for (not a person u bump once in a bus and never will meet her again).. it's very important for the upcoming moves.. (you can always try but the difficultiy level is EXTREMELY high) tips: know where she always been at specific time.. examples: at the library on Tuesday evening, watching Man.U. game at night, at college's cafe at midnight..

3. Make sure that the girl is single and not belong to some other guy.. (if you wish to lose your eyes at the end of the day, please try~).. DONT EVER try to take a girl that belong to someone else.. not only it is the WRONG tinx to do, it is also could humiliate yourself as a Guy..

At the flirting moment :

1. This part is the important part.. first, try to be close to her.. but not too close.. you dont want her to tinx you r some psycho stalking her! tips : if in a place with tables, find the opposite spot but skip one table.. make sure you can see her eyes and she can see yours..

2. Stare at her as much as you want.. show her that you are attracted to her.. but when she look at you, just keep on staring back for 2-3 secs, then look at other place.. then, keep on staring at her again.. and repeat the same steps.. it is better if your eyes meet her eyes for few secs without looking somewhere else.. (it's da sign!!)

3. Try to act cool.. laugh with your frens, do jokes with your frens.. (if she notice you while doing all dat, i bet she wud start to like you ^_^)

Ending the day :

1. When she's about to go, this is the time you make a move.. sometimes, if you are lucky enuff, she would come to you and give you her number.. but most of the time, you are da one who need to act. Stand up and go to her.. Start with a simple "Hi" and a smile..

2. Tell her that you are very sory to bother her, but you just cannot let the chance slip away.. tell her that you would like to know her.. tell her you wanna be a fren.. (DO NOT tell her you love her/like her!! its still early!!)

3. If she told you she dont want to be your fren, dont feel bad, there is still one last move.. Take out a pen and a piece of paper (ask the Mapley or the Student near u!!), write your phone number and giv it to her.. tell her that she can throw it away later if she dont want it.. then just say a simple "Bye" with one last smile..

4. Next tinx to do, is wait for her.. if in a week or 2 there's not a single word from her, juz give up and try some other gurl.. (man, there's alot of other girls out there waitin 4u ^_^)

That's all for the first lesson.. i shall continue diz when i'm free next time.. Any suggestions or even comments bout this post, just write it.. =)



  1. ah ha...its not that easy.My Bf had try all these thing and it take 2 years for me to start accepting him..hoho

  2. LOL. klo nk tackle budak skolah bole r camni
    = p real women will take much more effort.

    however, i believe in real love. that sooner or later, people will become accidentally in love once they know each other enough. thats why its called falling in love. huhu.

  3. haha tajuk pun how to get a girl..bukan woman ye..hehhee
    tp good move jgk, walopun sangat western tgal nombo2 ni, atleast for someone y takpnah ade pengalaman beraweks, kene la stat sumwhere kan, and to conclude this post, confidence & moment control is the key to success!

  4. the 1st post tat i really like.congratulation sawan...your example oso i can relate 2 it...
    after tis can i call u Dr. Love?


    next entry can u post on how to sweet talk a girl?lol...

  5. "you must teach evry losers (male) how to have a girl in a short time"

    ayat ni yg x leh blah..hahaha
    kang ada yg sentap lagi..

  6. nampaknye tok guru kali nie da mulakan langkah
    winner untuk mendidik adik adik loser

    sadam amat terharu dengan post
    kali ni nampaknya

  7. @_@ waddeheck call us losers(male) ~

    mmg ayat mcabar kewibawaan ak...uhhuhu


    xnk gtau ak

  8. jgn bercinta, x elok..ishk2!!

  9. haha.. sengal giler sume!! :P
    aku wat nih utk rujukan sume.. kalau nk gune, silakan, xmo gune pon xper..

    ezariq, i like ur comment~ confident is really damn important!! ^_^

    to fall in love with someone, it may takes time.. mayb really long time.. but b4 u can fall in love, notinx wrong by getting by her side and be her closest fren rite?? ^_^

  10. btw, mango~ aku tau ar tuh ko~ :P

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. a little too much confidence on ur part?dont u think?
    while tagging ppl in fb.. with the word "loser" indirectly referred to them.

  13. dem!! dun remove~ let us c ur typo~ :P

    losers are losers be~
    kinda hav da confidence in me since i've done it ^_^.. killing 2 birds with a stone.. LOL!!

  14. btw, taggin 'em in FB is sumtinx i guess they wan me to do since they keep on askin me 4 da tips~ =D~ huahuahua~

  15. ahaha~ safwan is the poyo'est guy ever..uhuk~

  16. o(≧o≦)o sfwn keji~ no0b!poyo'est! :P

  17. typo a little = a liltle.. ^_^

    p/o/a: bout those ppl...hope ur not so sure that all of them will like u post/tagged them.

  18. honey - am not!! mayb.. abit.. haha.. :P

    manggo a.k.a mr. unknown - xkeji pon~ cani laa realiti kehidupan di dunia yg kejam ini.. huahuahua~

    luke - LOL!! i spend 1/2 minutes finding da diff btween "a little" and "a liltle"

    haha~ i knw sumone dat remove da tagg but stil enjoy reading diz ^_^.. shhh~ **secret!!

  19. oh yer!! btw baru aku sedar.. dat word LOSER is originally not from me laaahhh!!

    ((i remember what my fren used to told me~

    "you must teach evry losers (male) how to have a girl in a short time"))

    but i kinda like it~ ^_^ haha!!

  20. no..
    another tips for ur my love : he's among the five that are still being tagged. =)

    about the little typing a full i checked after done typing the sentences. xD (or maybe after clicking "post comment") haha..

  21. errkkkk!! i only tag 5 ppl.. =.=

    i know who!! ^_^
    or.. i tinx i knw~ LOL!!

  22. memang la...mat bunga abes...kenape bontot? kenapa pa kau berubah kenapa pa?

  23. "btw, taggin 'em in FB is sumtinx i guess they wan me to do since they keep on askin me 4 da tips~ =D~ huahuahua~"

    bile mase la lak aku slalu tnye ko tips ni...adooiii.....

  24. ashri - owh.. aku pon tidak tahu mengapa.. wuwuu~ trjadi begini.. guane mu pulok??

    bapak - kcuali ko n ajim jer pak~ ko ngan ajim pembace setia blog aku, so aku tagg supaye ko xketiggalan.. haha~

  25. (i smiled,and maybe one bit laugh...a very short one..i think?) >.<

  26. nice post! i like!


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