Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

WOAHHHHH!!! are u guys ready for the best day on diz comin April??
Nahhhh~ it's, not April Fool Day, its the:

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!!

Align Center

here's the detail of location n time 4u to join diz event:
Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 10am till 5pm

Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

so wat r u waiting 4!!?? clear up ur day on 17th April and bring along ur frens + families!! ^_^
who knows dat u might b lucky enuf to win the lucky draws & various cool gadgets worth more than... .. .. . . . . . . (drumrolls)



there also will be exciting fun-fair game for YOU n ME!!
u might as well seeing me doing the

1) Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!)

2) Gladiator battles

and . . . . .

3) Other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair

want more information about the event?? just surf here and you'll hav it 4 sure!! =)

See Ya There!! ^_^

p/s : 1. i am not dat fat as in the sumo pic (LOL!!)
2. i'm using the Gatsby Pink Moving Rubber ^_^


  1. Lol!! nice photoshop skills XD ko mmg nk gi ke?

  2. fafu - LOL!! aku xnak gi.. aku nk duit jer..haha.. :P tp kne gi klau dpt duit!!

    jfook - tanx bud!! ^_^

  3. oit2.. comel la sumo tuh..sma cam kamo.. =)

  4. bise bohh! gatsby shud hire u! dont go to any engineer interviews! LOL..

    Bohh..nk ikot etek..btw..gane cite body building bohh? ape cite?

  5. haha.. body building stil on~

    but not sokmo.. haha~
    kdg2 jer.. mari ar nok ikot gop.. huhU~

  6. haha.

    gambar edit tak boleh blah.


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