Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do U Hav Any Job Vacancy??~


honestly, i'm lukin 4 job now~ yupp, not joking of coz'.. i know i stil got few months here in diz 'beloved' university, but i've started lukin 4 job now.. i wish dat i cud get a job directly after i finish my final exam in mid of May 2010.. i wanna start having money of my own.. and most important, i wanna start giving money to my parents.. hehehehee~ ^_^!

my main TARGET ===> Oil 'n' Gas company.. *sigh*
T_T but my main prob is my CGPA lorrr~
i dun tinx mine is qualified for top O&G companies.. dat's y i'm very nervous rite now..
i try to surf for not-so-top O&G companies and i found some..
but most of them have 1 similar requirement dat i do not possess = "at least 1-2 years experience"
DAMN!! so where shud i go!!??

anyway, i tinx diz week they will held a Career Path Day in UM rite??
i'm really lukin 4ward for it!!
(if u guys knw any other place dat offer da Career Path event, do tell me k?? ^_^)

so here i am,
trying to updating my resume..
hopefully it will b gud enuf to help me in diz job hunting~

Aminn~ ^_^~


  1. u're mechanical? or..

    all the best in hunting.


  2. kenwooi - tanx bro!! hope i'll make it ^_^

    richard - i'm CAD/CAM engineer student.. hurmm.. kind of mechanical engineer oso.. huhu.. tanx ya!!

  3. All the best for your work hunt.. ^^

  4. tanx!! appreciate it much! :D

  5. xyah keje la...jom pakat2 g tabligh...

  6. apply je keje tu, stadi la psl OnG b4 pegi, kdg2 kalo ko pndi explain pe dia nk psl OnG, xde pengalaman pun dia ok je.tny la senior2 yg da dlm OnG pe keje diorg

  7. ashri - dem!! mu gi tabligh ke?? dop soh nawokk ar.. cehhh~

    wan - baik!! aku akan usahe sket2.. huhu.. doakan ler aku.. wuuwuu~

  8. kalo diorg iklan nk exp 1-2 years blehlaa apply..ceyesly diorg trime if time intebiu awk pdi ckp..kalo more than 5 years xyahlaa..huhu..

  9. huhu.. k2.. nant sy try.. try sume.. haha :P


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