Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bodybuilding Mission!!~

it's a bodybuilding fever noww!!!

gosh~ i'm not joking guyz.. juz now i juz hav some chat with my classmate regarding diz new-fast-spreading fever.. evryone now want a perfect body.. including my fren.. and of coz (dun b shock!), myself.. ^_^

one of my classmate is now seriously into the bodybuilding madness~ he spend his evening jogging around the lake at University Malaya and then go to the gym for an hour.. for his lunch, he only eats oats.. NO RICE for gud shape~ LOL!!
another friend of mine, is also trying his best to look gud while wearing short pants~ woohoo!! he's not so fat but he sure got some fat to burn before he can claim himself as the underwear model of the month.. ^_^ huhu~

as for me, i dont like to jogg.. i really hate it.. so i just choose to go to gym.. but not often.. because i'm quite lazy.. diet??? nahhhh~ i love to eat wat i wanna eat.. hurmm.. i definitely will not able to hav perfect body in this short time.. mayb later.. but trust me, u ppl would kill each other just to touch my body later.. :P hahaha~


lets do it..

to the gym!!!!! ^_^


  1. Well wish you luck... gym is a better option.

  2. ahahahahha....sape membe ko yg makan oat tu?gile ah..mesti badan die solid gile

  3. i also wanna build body.. but lazy =P

  4. ak main gym mlm2 kt sni...mahal gler tu je cara nk isi ms lapang~ sbb ada pool, sauna dll~ (tak bestnye sume laki) hahaha~

  5. atas tu cumei~ ;P

  6. i visit gym everyday....about 1 and a half far so good :-)

  7. supia - i also tinx dat way.. i like gym more.. huhu..

    bapak - bdan die cam haram besar.. haha :P

    kenwooi - me 2!! very lazy lor.. but must do.. huhu

    mgge - aku tau ko yg konon cumel tuh.. cehh.. ko men gym pon kne byar?? cian.. huhu

    ohmywtf - really!?? must b really tuff.. i dunno when i wanna b like dat.. zzz~

  8. Cane nk tough klo sume pn lazy. huhu. Klo main dota xbole tough2.. kne farm byk2 smpi FAT! XD

  9. ahahaha..bdan besar?biasa r tu...badan penuh ngan otot yg membengkak...mmg r besa...

  10. kal0 setakat ptg2 td0 ng selimut tebal pastu lewat malam belasah nasi lemak 14, xyah mimpi la ..hee

  11. tu tina~ kitaorg pn tak wat cmtu...ish2...

    sfwn: sni bdk2 pn leh masuk main gym...tgn kering gler~ sian ak tgk...len r aku :P

    cam cumei..

  12. gay...sumenye gay...perut buncite bru cool...

  13. fakh - haha.. aku xmo farm bg fat da.. aku nk farm bg tuff.. huhu~

    bapak - blah ar.. huhu~ pak, bbq aku mcm ssah sket nk pi nihh..

    tina - aku da lame x wat camtu tina oii

    mgge - ko bajet ko xkering ar?? derang plak sian tgk ko.. sbb~ :P

    ashri - gilerr~ zaman boncit sudah berlalu.. huhu~

  14. i've seen a transformation... it requires hardwork & discipline
    all the best.. will be so worthwhile

  15. huhu~ sure2.. i'll work hard.. huu~ ^_^

  16. protein intake and workout! all the best 2 u!

  17. must take protein oso aaa?? aiyokk~ i'll try2..~


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