Monday, April 19, 2010

Exam Week~

in dewan umarak, kk2, Um

its d exam week now.. hurmm~

studying isn't my tinx.. i hate to study.. i juz wish dat i cud past d exam with flying colors without studying..

my fren once told me dat studying actually d short term for STUDY = DYING~ =.=
i can feel it now.. aghhhh~

well, since diz time wud b my last examination as an engineering student, i really shud b doing some study to giv my best for da last time..

nahhhh~ dat's not happening.. i'm just not a study type of person..

why studying is not as fun and easy as flirting a girl?? damn~ books with no curve and soft skin.. i hate u!!

S - self
T - torturing
U - usually
D - done by

Y - youth

...................... ................. ............... .......... . . . .
safwan~ study plz

for urself
for her
for ur family

=.=! ughhhh~ i hate diz.. but...

i guess..

i juz have to study rite now..
T_T so un-motivated rite now..


  1. ikhlas kn la hati anda~ bkn sbb sbb DIA...:) hav anice moment k! hakhak

  2. huhu.. tanx.. btol gak tuh~

    demi DIA ^_^

  3. good luck dearie.. ^_^ jgn mls,... sy teman kamu eyh.. huhuk~.. study la.. nnt bru g foya2 eyh.. ^_^

  4. just go ahead not easy to have a chances to further stdy..u;r d lucky one la..hehe..especially boy easy to catch wish u best of luck k..pas stdy je blh enjoy hehe


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