Friday, August 7, 2009

said sumtinx without tinking~


i hate diz!! hurmmm.. hav u ever speak sumone with some words dat u dun even wan 2 say?? well, diz time i did.. ughhhhh~ wat have i done?? adoiiiiii laaaa~

*pening2* hurmmmm......
i am sori.. i shud have never say dat.. but y did i told u dat?? damn tongue!! no no.. damn brain!! nope.. damn me!! yeah, dat's more correct.. aisehh.... per nihhhhhh!!!???

*nk watpa??* hmmm...
i wish i can juz say sori, and u will forgive me rite away.. but i knw, it's not dat easy.. i'm really2 sori.. really do.. those words juz comin' from my mouth.. i dunno y.. how silly i am.. soriii~

*forgiv me plz* hurrm....
so now i juz can wait.. hope ur wound will recover fast.. please recover completely till dat it feels like i have never said dat words 2 u.. plz.. i'm begging u.. coz i knw i'm wrong..

i have no excuses diz time.. juz seekin' for forgiveness.. i'm sori.. sori~


  1. ada mulut...kata
    ada mulut...makan

    gune algebra

    ada mulut-ada mulut=0
    =o same dgn kata-makan =D

    =D pe yg ak merepek ni....


  2. ape ko ngarot tuh action kamen?? haa?? xphm..

    zuiichi pon same.. dop paham gop.. =.=!


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