Thursday, May 21, 2009

less than 6 hours, i will be ~


i'm sittin in front of my pC now..

"less than 6 hours, wat wud i be?? stil myself?? any change?? even small?? hurmm.."

i cudn't giv any convincing answer.. i'm confused..
hurmm.. wud i b better?? or worse??
wud my path b clearer? o more hazzy than b4??

my LORD, lead me 2 Your path.. lead me 2 a better way.. the way that You bless..

many tinx happened last 1 year.. some make me smile, some make me cry.. although my eyes dun shed tears, but my heart did..

but stil..

i have people dat i care.. ppl dat i love.. ppl dat is important to me..

my family,
my girlfriend,
my friends,
my coursemates,

i promise myself even starting 2morow i dun bcome better 4 myself, i will bcome better 4 u all.. coz i only have u..

my unshameful wish..
hope it will come true..

better age, here i come.. 22...


  1. haha...sawan dh tue!! =p

    ak blom tue lg ni..ngeh3

    lame sunggoh dok jupe mu...meh la datim.. nk? =B

  2. ahahaha~

    lame sunggoh dop jupe.. wuu~
    biler2 mu mari kL mu kabor ar..
    kabor ke sami dakper gop.. huu..
    nok harap aku gi indon mmg dop ar.. huu~


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